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$2.21 for 16 oz (one pound) of Germany quality Haribo Gummi Grapefuit (
grapefruit has excellent reviews on amazon), Haribo Gummi Clownfish, Haribo
Gummi Twin Cherries, Haribo Gummi Colas, Haribo Gummi Bears, so on of the
many varieties.
Bagged in 5 pounds bags for $11.07 ($2.21 for one pound of Haribo), $11.07
price for the Haribo 5 pound bags that are currently on sale for $14.77 (
then discounted down to $11.07), many varieties. The other 5 pound bag
varieties that are currently on sale at a ... 阅读全帖
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Blowing In The Wind
How many roads must a man walk down
Before they call him a man?
How many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand?
How many times must the cannonballs fly
Before they're forever banned?
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind.
How many years must a mountain exist
Before it is washed to the sea?
How many years can some people exist
Before they're allowed to be free?
How many times can a man turn hi... 阅读全帖
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Tons of new markdowns on boots at 6pm.com:
22Boots%22/sort/percentOff/desc" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" onclick="_
gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'thread', 'click', '4064234 - many-boots-on-sale-
fs']);">boots at 6pm.com [boots at 6pm.com:
http://www.6pm.com/search/null/filter/pricingTag/"Glo... 阅读全帖
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Amazon is offering extra 20% off contemporary clearance clothing.
Great deal on clothing that are already reduced 50-70% or more off (more for
Enter promo code: AFASHION at checkout
%3A597807011&sort=relevance-fs-browse-rank" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"
oncli... 阅读全帖
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Target has many nice toys on sale starting from $4.98
Vtech princess learning pad:
$6.98(was 19.99)
LeapFrog tag bundle:
#?lnk=sc_qi_detailbutton" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" onclick="_gaq.push(
['_trackEvent', 'thread', 'click', '3883746 - target-toys-clearance-vtech-
-more-starting-from-... 阅读全帖
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Same-sex marriage debate: Many of Obama’s top fundraisers are gay
Text Size PrintE-mailReprints
By Dan Eggen,
The controversy that has erupted this week over President Obama's stance on
same-sex marriage has cast a spotlight on the importance of the gay
community to his re-election fundraising efforts.
Many of Obama’s key financial supporters are gay, including finance
director Rufus Gifford and Democratic National Committe treasurer Andrew
Tobias, and the campaign has held a steady series of... 阅读全帖

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来自主题: Gamble版 - how many decks in baccarat
Have many student every year from graduate among the school, enter brand-new
life next in the center, the work that carries oneself will exchange income
, begin to belong to oneself life next. And transfer in this during,
recreation and relaxation form also can produce change. The network game
that you can discover to those oneself are very happy with it has had appeal
no longer, they too too complex, oneself had been dealt with early without
time. So these people also are seeking new game way, ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Physics版 - Too many authors, too few creators
Philip J. Wyatt
Wyatt Technology Corporation, Santa Barbara, California
A few years ago, Robert Fefferman, dean of physical sciences at the
University of Chicago, made an interesting remark. He mentioned that Enrico
Fermi, wanting to encourage individual creativity and innovation, required
his PhD students to select their problem, solve it, and submit the results
for publication in their name alone. Fermi also was aware that a multiauthor
paper with one famous author might receive automatic acce... 阅读全帖
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(Reuters) - More than a third of U.S. shoppers are already done with most of
their holiday shopping, a survey showed on Monday, signaling that retailers
need to offer bigger incentives to win sales in the few weeks before
The findings underscore the fragility of the U.S. recovery, since consumer
spending accounts for about 70 percent of the nation's economy.
About 32 percent of people surveyed by America's Research Group said they
finished a majority of their Christmas shopping in Nov... 阅读全帖
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Matthew Fisher, Postmedia News Jul 3, 2012 – 7:18 AM ET | Last Updated:
Jul 3, 2012 11:54 AM ET

OIA, Greece — Why should foreign governments and international funds spend
hundreds of billions of euros in emergency aid to rescue Greece from ruin
when — despite a youth unemployment rate topping 52 per cent — many young
Greeks do not seem interested in working at all?
That is one of many riddles that the new Greek government must try to solve
amid opprobrium and often downright anger from nor... 阅读全帖
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Main Reason Behind These Limited Plans: Cost.
This fall, Indiana's new online health-insurance marketplace will present
some tough choices for consumers like John Nowak, who will be able to pick a
plan from his current insurer—or go for one that includes his primary-care
That is because Mr. Nowak's current insurer won't include Indiana's biggest
health-care provider, 19-hospital Indiana University Health, in the plans it
sells on the consumer exchange. If Mr. Nowak ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: USANews版 - Too Many Wars. Too Many Enemies (转载)
【 以下文字转载自 Military 讨论区 】
发信人: beijingren (to thine own self be true), 信区: Military
标 题: Too Many Wars. Too Many Enemies
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Tue Jan 30 19:36:24 2018, 美东)
Like the Romans, we have become an empire, committed to fight for scores of
nations, with troops on every continent, and forces in combat operations of
which the American people are only vaguely aware.
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发信人: weisgone (chamone), 信区: Biology
标 题: many ppl have misunderstandings about startup
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Sat Nov 26 15:28:21 2011, 美东)
1. startup is NOT something you do when running out of option.
starting a business and growing it successfully is very very very difficult
. you don't want to do it w/o enough prep, you don't want to do it alone,
and you definitely don't want to do it if you are generally not very
2. startup is NOT something you do only if you ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: LeisureTime版 - How Many Shades of Gray 短诗 not 50 shades
How Many Shades of Gray
How many shades of gray in your eyes?
As many as the dark clouds in those stormy skies.
How many grains of salt in your tears?
As many as the sand dunes accrued over the years.
Will I again see colors after covered by gray stain?
Yeah, as long as you know how to give.
Will I again feel joys after inflicted by unendurable pain?
Yeah, as long as you know how to forgive.
a serious parody of "50 shades of grey". anyone watched the darker grey? 0-
255, how do you rate the mov... 阅读全帖
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这本书是Dr Brian Weiss记载的一个病人的轮回体验。
An Intimate Interview with Dr Brian Weiss – Brian L. Weiss
Posted by hayhouseoz on February 7, 2011 · 6 Comments
Picture 1
1. You have graduated from the University of Columbia and Yale and worked as
a professor at the University of Miami. Tell us about the transition from a
professor to a psychotherapist to an author. What made you take up
I’ve always been interested in the brain and that is why I specialized in
psychiatry after graduating from Yal... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Java版 - 问一个Many to Many的设计问题
student - course - scores.
student has courses;
course has students;
and each student has a score on each course.
so, students and course are many to many.
now that scores make the many to many relationship into another entity.
and the question is, in hibernate or ejb3 world,
how do i map them? so that i can find which courses a student in
and which students in courses, and what scores are like.
should i have students with scores;
and course with scores;
and also students with courses (
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来自主题: _PathToTruth版 - Many Lives Many Masters
《Many Lives Many Masters》
前 言
束... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: USANews版 - Too many penguins
April 14, 2012 by Don Surber
That is correct. We have twice as many penguins in Antarctica than
scientists thought, a count by satellite revealed. Far from being a species
endangered by the carelessness of man, scientists say we have nearly 600,000
emperor penguins. The scientists counted 44 colonies of these birds —
including 7 previously unknown. Counting penguins in Antarctica is so easy,
I may apply for the job because they are black and white against the snows
of Antarctica.
From Science Da... 阅读全帖
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Too Many Republican Congressmen Giving Unions Free Tax Dollars
May 29, 2012 by Warner Todd Huston
For such a blue state, Illinois has some rather good Republicans in Congress
, but on one issue many of them consistently fail. That is in their
unfortunate support for Big Labor. The issue of Project Labor Agreements (
PLAs) is a perfect example of this penchant to support issues dear to the
hearts of Big Labor.
Unions love PLAs because the rule forces government construction projects to
be condu... 阅读全帖
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WASHINGTON (AP) -- For more Americans, being out of work has become a semi-
permanent condition.
Nearly one-third of the unemployed -- nearly 4.5 million people -- have had
no job for a year or more. That's a record high. Many are older workers who
have found it especially hard to find jobs.
And economists say their prospects won't brighten much even after the
economy starts to strengthen and hiring picks up. Even if they can find a
job, it will likely pay far less than their old ones did.
The o... 阅读全帖
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A friend has no so many citations, so for petition letter: is it good not to
mention citation at all or use some arguments to say that not so many
citations does not mean research is not good... Please help with your
Many many thanks.
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1. startup is NOT something you do when running out of option.
starting a business and growing it successfully is very very very difficult
. you don't want to do it w/o enough prep, you don't want to do it alone,
and you definitely don't want to do it if you are generally not very
2. startup is NOT something you do only if you are young and reckless.
I'm sure many ppl do startup just for the thrill, but there is a rational
reason behind many ppl who do startup: as a financially respo... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Physics版 - 什么是many-body phenomena?
It is well known that DFT (density functional theory) does not account for
many-body phenomena such as polaritronic/excitonic resonance in the
calculation of the dielectric function.......
DFT is more applicable to metals where many-body phenomena are much weaker.
I would like the authors comment on that.
这个所谓的many body effect是啥意思?
第二句话,不是很明白什么样的材料属于many-body phenomena is strong/weak
我文章算的是semiconductor, 也不知道reviewer为啥非要提金属
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Free Ship shows in cart
Sizes may vary depending on style
Womens Shoe Clearance:
zc1/%22Shoes%22/sort/price/asc" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" onclick="_gaq
.push(['_trackEvent', 'thread', 'click', '3475380 - womens-shoe-clearance-at
flot-italian-clogs-14']);">Womens Shoe Clearance [Womens... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: USANews版 - Roundup: So Many Brands Owned By So Few
This image was shared on Reddit this past week and it shows how many brands
are owned by a small number of holding companies. If you were like me, you
probably intuitively understood that many brands are owned by other
companies but the extent that it happens is pretty stark. This covers only
consumer goods and doesn’t even include several other large companies, like
UK giant Reckitt Benkiser Group – they own French’s, Clearsil, Lysol,
Trojan and many other huge names.
What’s fun is how the bran... 阅读全帖
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'Why do so many reporters insist on misquoting, or ignoring, the actual
contents of the “doctrinal assessment” itself?'
by Rick aka Mr. Brutally Honest
That's a rhetorical question... for thinking people:
At the heart of the whole U.S. nuns vs. the Vatican
media storm is the April 18th “doctrinal assessment” in which the
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith expresses it concerns about the
theological orientation expressed by the leadership of the Leadership
Conference of Women Religio... 阅读全帖
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You are mistaking, I never advocate racism towards any race. In contrast, I
strongly encourage and support Asians' fight for civil rights, which is the
affirmative action for Asians in any government funded institutes and
entities. What disappoints me greatly is the lacking of vision and
leadership among Asians. They act like they are the elite members of this
society and look down in their tunnel vision those below them. In reality,
no body care their views. They need find friends to succeed bu... 阅读全帖
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帮忙查VIN 3FASP13J0TR114847 many many thanks
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帮忙查VIN 3FASP13J0TR114847 many many thanks
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帮忙查VIN 3FASP13J0TR114847 many many thanks
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I contacted HR again. The another reason is that she received many many
applicants for my position A. I don't know why this happened. I know my ads
are online (I can google my ads). I found the requirements are very sample
because lawyer believes that we can only list the miminium requirements.
My major is not popular and my friends with MS in accounting got his PERM
approved. I really don't know why my case failed.
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NEW YORK: If all goes according to proposed plans announced on Tuesday by
the Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and Deputy Secretary of Homeland
Security Alejandro Mayorkas, the Department of Homeland Security will start
issuing for the very first time Employment Authorization Cards (EAD), also
known as work permits, to some H4 visa holders, sometime this year.
The dramatic announcement was made by Pritzker in a conference call to
reporters yesterday. She outlined two main regulations proposed b... 阅读全帖
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Many many thanks to Steven (spolo) for organizing this great rafting event!!
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标 题: FREE ADMISSION to many museums nationwide on September 29th (转载)
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Mon Sep 24 00:26:56 2012, 美东)
发信人: rockhunan (Xiang Lao), 信区: Maryland
标 题: FREE ADMISSION to many museums nationwide on September 29th
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Fri Sep 21 23:57:06 2012, 美东)
FREE ADMISSION to many museums nationwide on September 29th.
For list of participating venues: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/museumday/venues/
For free ticket... 阅读全帖
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people have many rings, now make many people have many money, make him to
have a chance to be the legend of redemption, legend of Cav. and Cleveland.
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Tyler Hamilton says he saw Lance Armstrong inject EPO many, many times
Not so breaking, isn't it?
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The idea that you should eat many small meals throughout the day in order to
“keep metabolism high” is a persistent myth that doesn’t make any sense.
It is true that eating raises your metabolism slightly while you’re
digesting the meal, but it’s the total amount of food that determines the
energy used, NOT the number of meals.
Small Plate of Pasta
This has actually been put to the test and refuted multiple times.
Controlled studies where one group eats many small meals and the other the
same am... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: LES版 - Many Lives, Many Masters
Many Lives, Many Masters
作者:Brian Weiss,美国著名精神科医生
发帖数: 1060
Brian Weiss. (1988). Many lives, Many masters. New York: Simon & Schuster
1. The steady day-in and day-out pounding of undermining influences, such as
a parent scathing criticisms, could cause even more psychological trauma
than a single traumatic event. (page 42)
00解说:嗯... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Wisdom版 - Re: Many Lives Many Masters
【 以下文字转载自 PathToTruth 俱乐部 】
发信人: freeman08 (平常心), 信区: PathToTruth
标 题: Re: Many Lives Many Masters
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Tue Oct 4 00:06:39 2011, 美东)
另外,如果知道生命是永远的,就更没... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Apple版 - How many $2k TVs could they sell?
June 1, 2012, 10:50 A.M. ET
Apple: How Many $2K TVs Could They Sell? Asks Piper
By Tiernan Ray
Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster this morning opines that it’s a matter of “
not if, but when,” Apple (AAPL) will introduce its own branded television
set, citing his “checks” over the course of the last week and also from
the past two years.
Munster, who has an Outperform rating on Apple shares, and a $910 price
target, reiterates a view that such a device could be unveiled “late this
year” and go on ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Java版 - 问一个Many to Many的设计问题
I would approach it with students-courses with many-to-many, and then have
scores as a direct 1-1 mapping contained within the student, since logically
it belongs to student more with each student's course has one score...
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来自主题: Astronomy版 - Astronomy Picture of Day: Many moons
Many Moons
Explanation: Whimsical and creative, this multiple exposure suggests that planet Earth's
sky could be very dramatic indeed if it were graced by many moons. And in James Thurber's
well-known children's story, Princess Lenore was comfortable with the idea of many moons,
even if the wise men of the King's court failed to understand. But just for the Royal
Astronomer and Mathematician, this picture has an explanation. On 2001 July 8, three days
past full moon, astrophotographer Corrado Al
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Just curious. Everyone is talking about BigLaw. How many Biglaws this countr
y have? How many open positions are from BigLaws every year? How many studen
ts graduate from TOP 10 or 15 law schools every year? What's the chance that
a non-elite law school student can land a job in BigLaw?
You may sneeze at my weird idea: I do not expect that I should have a job fr
om BigLaw in the first place. (I am enrolled in a local school ranked around
50 with some scholarship.)
I esteem the legal profession t
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来自主题: MedicalCareer版 - a humble question! many peers can help me!
First, it's good to see so many people are excited back from Lao Dao meeting
, and many others are excited to learn the "spirits" from the meeting; it
was really a good meeting and I am sure it will guide us to apply for
upcoming residency in many aspects.
I have a question about the verification of my diploma in my medical school.
it is hown as below:
"Our records indicate that XXX attended our medical school for total of-- ?-
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来自主题: MedicalCareer版 - How many programs should we apply?
I remember that some people said we need to apply as many as we could and
according to FA for match book, 100 is a good and lucky number.
But I just talked to my friend who is in his second year of residency. He
said we really shouldn't apply so many programs. Besides the expensive cost,
applying too many programs can also make program directors think that we
are not confident. Of course, he is AMG and I know we are in the different
situation. For AMGs, when they apply for 20 programs, they can
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For those of us trying to contact Arthur, he sent the following information.
The following information is from Arthur.
"Hello all!
I'm very honored and grateful to have earned the recognition and trust of
the Chinese medical community. I have been teaching English internationally
since 1995, primarily in Asia and have also practiced emergency medicine. I
can quite honestly say that I know more about the CS examination than any
other program, as this is what I've been focused on for many years, ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Nursing版 - how many CRNA or SRNA here.
That's hard to compare because they are two different career paths and it
really depends on at which stage you are in your life. Overall, I think it
all boils down to the timing in your life--whether you are willing to go
through extra years of school and put your spouse and children through some
extra sacrifices.
For a 20 year old or someone who doesn’t mind going through med school and
residency for 7, 8 years later in their lives, I'd say go for the MD if you
want a doctor’s title and a hig... 阅读全帖
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how many equivalent {111}planes in an orthorhombic lattice?
how many equivalent {122}planes in an orthorhombic lattice?
how many equivalent {123}planes in an orthorhombic lattice
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来自主题: Animals版 - Bigfoot DNA? Not so fast, many say
Bigfoot DNA? Not so fast, many say
A Texas veterinarian-researcher claims to have shown that the elusive
creature known as Bigfootor Sasquatch is a human hybrid, descended from
human females who mated with males of “an unknown hominin species.” In a
statement released on Saturday, Melba S. Ketchum said that her conclusions
emerged after she sequenced samples of purport... 阅读全帖
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