my co-worker and his son;'s shark hunting at Galvenston.
GALVESTON, Texas – A local family got quite a ride when they hauled in a
shark while fishing in a kayak off the Galveston coast on Saturday.
Kevin Stevens and his 9-year-old son, Hunter, were about three-quarters of a
mile off the west end of Galveston when the nearly seven-foot shark snagged
their bait.
“It’s more than half the size of my kayak,” says Stevens. “That puts it
in the seven-foot range.”
According to the older Stevens, the black tip shark dragged their 12-foot
kayak around for an hour while he wrestled with the fishing line.
“Instead of us using all our energy to try to pull the shark, the shark
pulls the kayak,” said Stevens. “It’s called the Texas sleigh ride.”
Hunter Stevens rolled the camera and caught all the action.
“Super scary and crazy,” said the 9-year old.
After the hour-long battle with the shark, the Stevens’ finally let it go.
The mother, who was back on land, said she was terrified when she heard
about the big catch.
“I mean seriously I watched Jaws at a very young age and I didn’t go in
the shower,” said Christina Stevens. “I do remember Land Shark from
Saturday Night Live.”
Kevin Stevens said the practice of catching sharks is becoming almost like a
sport in Galveston. In fact, he said a group people have been going out on
the weekends in their kayaks to try and catch one.

他们这样是很危险的。。。还带着小孩, 所以新闻会报道啊!
不过我还是挺佩服他们的, 这么小个独木舟,敢在海里吊鲨鱼
即使开着渔船,碰见大的鲨鱼, 也会把船碰得小晃一下。
反正海里是很危险的, 我lg 以前最喜欢deep sea fishing, 再经过几次非常危险的
经历后,最严重的一次是直升飞机及时赶到,几个人爬上飞机后, 就看见渔船翻了。
现在,我都会严禁他开船钓鱼不要太远,最好不离开海岸线,其实真的出事了, 你即
使能够看到海岸线, 也是基本游不回岸边的。