numerical recipe c++

does anybody have numerical recipe in c++? I need the subroutine to solve
A x = b with A being symmetric.
I tried to use clapack. The software won’t allow me to call the BLAS fortran
subroutines. Thanks ahead.

I have it, but how to give it to you? :slight_smile:
I suggest that, try IT++, it is for c++, very easy to us, and has almost every
thing for matrix calculations.

Thanks. I am using TNT from netlib. It seems good. It does not fail even
for singular A.
BTW, what is IT++?

IT++ is a C++ library of mathematical, signal processing, speech processing,
and communications classes and functions.
It can deal with matrix calculations very simple. Such:
M.eig() will give you the eigenvalues of M.
you can look the website.
I used TNT before, not bad. :slight_smile:

我觉得很多时候GSL比numerical recipe好用,而且是GPL的

what is GSL? I never use C++ to write any program for numerical computations.
Tired of Fortran77. Wanna try C++ for next project.