Should change "computation" to "matlab computation"

Have a feeling that here 90% of the threads are matlab related. Is it true
that nowadays matlab becomes the main software used in this field?

    I guess there is no "this field" of computation. Each computational

branch of individual field has its own preference of language.
Matlab has many advantages, and its popularity is self-evident.
One thing I like most is matlab file_exchange. I contributed to it
and I also greatly benefited from it. So many guys contribute many
handy tools, it’s like an open source stuff. For this point alone, no other
similar software like IDL can compete with. R is good, but more limited

I don’t think so
In fact, R is relatively popular in statistics research.More importantly, R
is free, bunch of guys developed emormous R packages.

    Maybe you are right, I am not in the mainstream of statistics.
    I am a faked statistician which applies applicable statistics that

I can understand to my research. My impression with R is more biased toward
how it can do comparable jobs like what Matlab can do.

Matlab is very expensive? How many of you buy the legal matlab? I know a lot
Chinese people (including me) using Matlab illegally. On the other hand,
people from Europe seem to use Octave (I think most of you heard about this)
since it is free. Why shouldn’t we switch to opensource and contribute to
it instead of using illegal matlab?