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EB23版 - 来自今天第二个提问的老印H4 ead
breaking news OMB Approved I-140 EADh4 ead对明年的毕业生将会是巨大的冲击
关注一下EO的最新进展Breaking: 移民局长关于H4 EAD问题的回答
据说申请H4和 EAD可以同时递交讨论一下H4拿EAD的政策
转H4的同时可以申请H4EAD吗?每年4M blank GC原来是真的。。。
没读出Trump EO关于H4 EADIsn't this OPT? Up-to-29mon work permit to STEM
有些职场的loser已经被老印折磨得精神失常了?IV 对于memo里没有见到h4ead和pre-register的解释
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我今天其实也call in了,我的感觉是uscis director他自己也很想把H4 ead赶紧弄出
twitter啊,email啊摇旗呐喊h4 ead,这样他就能push这股势力来尽快执行h4 ead。
Hi all,
Long day but I finally got to sit down to write down the details. Yes, it
was me who got to ask second. You all have heard what it was, so no point in
repeating. Before the meeting, they had asked us to limit to 1 question but
I still squeezed in 3. Well, not 3 questions but 1 comment and 2 questions.
To all who think that I should have asked about the timeline, that would
have been useless as they will never say it. Most of us have attended enough
meetings to know by now that they will never say it. If you are meeting
with them at 2pm and the rule will be published at 3 pm, they will still not
say it. It is their policy and there is no point in asking them the same
thing over and over again. And trust me, they are great in dodging questions
. And thats the reason I did not ask about the timeline, he had already
talked about H4 EAD first. I really did want to say that they failed their
own self imposed timeline (12/0014) and that we are very disappointed about
it. He said that his agency feels silly about it.
I will now tell you the other details of the conference which the people on
the phone did not get to see. There is a reason he talked about H4 EAD first
. Just as we reached, the few of us were discussing the rule in the room.
The Public Engagement lady (the one who introduced Leon Rod) came over to us
and thanked us to coming etc. and asked us why we were there. When we all
said H4 EAD rule, she said well one of you can get up and ask about it. When
Leon came on the stage, the lady went up to him and pointed at us and said
something. Leon looked at us and it seemed she told him why we were there.
Right before the meeting, Leon got down from the stage and said "I want to
shake hands with all who came" and then walked up to a few of us (Indians
asking about H4 EAD), shook our hands and went back on the stage. He did not
shake hands with anyone else. Maybe thats why he first talked about H4 EAD.
Secondly, his body language showed that he himself was disappointed that the
rule did not come out yet (which he said) and of course he said his agency
looks silly for not meeting their own self imposed deadline.
After the conference was over, we walked up to him and he readily talked. He
said he knows we are frustrated and the rule is ready, only some
administrative kinks need to be worked out. He also said "Keep screaming and
keep beating the drums" (our recent twitter campaign?). He said "I would
like you to come to the next public engagement meeting and tell me how this
rule has changed your life". We said "If the rule comes out before your next
public engagement, we certainly will". It was a bait for him to spill
something out, but he simply smiled. Like I said, they are good in dodging
He happily took a picture with us which I have posted on Twitter.
Guys, I know this is a long ordeal but no one said its going to be easy.
Like he said "Keep screaming and keep beating the drums". The rule could
come anyday but we will not stop till it it published.
I think we have achieved a great deal today. A face to face meeting and
interaction does wonders and is always very effective. He can now put our
faces to our problems and our need. We managed to interact a lot with him
today. I am sure the next time he will see us, he will remember the H4 EAD
rule. And that is a powerful tool.
Lets keep going till the rule is published. It is not very far away.
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主要还是他人多势重。 我们h4 ead的估计不超过10000人。 他们应该是我们八倍以上
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【在 z******y 的大作中提到】
: 主要还是他人多势重。 我们h4 ead的估计不超过10000人。 他们应该是我们八倍以上
: 。

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【在 k**i 的大作中提到】
: 别主要了,老中的习惯就是不作为,等政策.这和我们从小长大的环境有关.要拿一个东西
: 靠的是贿赂官员,上下打点.这套在美国行不通阿.

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re, 自我反省中,虽然从来没贿赂打点过

【在 k**i 的大作中提到】
: 别主要了,老中的习惯就是不作为,等政策.这和我们从小长大的环境有关.要拿一个东西
: 靠的是贿赂官员,上下打点.这套在美国行不通阿.

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再转一篇www.trackitt.com, 他说的和我想的差不多
I have been watching this thread for a long time, and have been
participating in spreading pro-H4EAD messages in/out-side my company (my
spouse is on H4). We should totally keep the pressure up on legislators and
bureaucrats. That said, I think there are a few reasons why USCIS has kept
this rule on hold (not saying that is fair):
- Money: DHS funding is up in the air (yet again). USCIS needs to hire
people to process the massive workload of new EADs for only H4 but also
undocumented workers who will file for EADs later in the year. I don't think
USCIS will hire a few people for H4-EAD and then more later for the flood
of applications later. So, maybe, the upcoming fight in Congress over DHS
funding might move/kill this rule.
- Politics: Despite the EA, Republicans are still eying legislation on
immigration (some are pro and some are against). Throw in the mix that
Senator Grassley is now the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Basically,
at some point, if Republicans are serious enough, a pack of them will sit
down with negotiators at White House to discuss the details. Legislators/
Lawyers/Aides on both side with sit down and bargain - and, all sorts of
major/minor rules/subrules will be up for exchange. What emerges then will
be what Congress passes and DHS enforces. Till then, DHS/USCIS might wait.
My take on the EA is that it wasn't very "Executive". It was more a shot
across the bow for the Republican ship - to get them to come to the
negotiating table. If you look at other EAs, they are very specific and are
effective down to details. This one was more of a policy document with no
concrete steps other than advising DHS to undertake rule making. Rule making
does not guarantee anything and WH knows that. If the President intended to
act, he could use the EA to direct effective/immediate action.
On the emotional side, we are heartbroken and frustrated with the current
logjam. But my head tells me, it could be a while more before the mess is
cleared up.
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那个H4 EAD的事是不是就此结束了?没读出Trump EO关于H4 EAD
EB2 PD 2013/10啥时候能拿EAD?其实倒退的主因应该是奥本没看印度perm数据,估算错了
breaking news OMB Approved I-140 EADh4 ead对明年的毕业生将会是巨大的冲击
关注一下EO的最新进展Breaking: 移民局长关于H4 EAD问题的回答
据说申请H4和 EAD可以同时递交讨论一下H4拿EAD的政策
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