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Military版 - Is Obama Jewish?
英国贵族已经被同化了和奥巴马一样,小布什也有很强的犹太教联系 so called Rothschild Agent
Nice piece of article about the jews (转载)世界上最高等的民族都是纯种基因的民族吗?
历史上的大忽悠为啥都是犹太人:耶稣,穆罕默德,马克思不得不说说: 那些所谓的 "美国华人精英"
白人愤怒了, 明明是犹太人的种族偏见犹太人在中国的秘密角色
才明白为什么OB能从大银行募集十亿多的竞选经费政府立法限制亚裔比例是在学 Nazi government 呀
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Is Obama Jewish?
Posted by Subverted Nation on 09Apr09 in Capitol Hill
Lots of people ask me this question. Is Obama really a jew? Especially since
I have no qualms with labelling Obama as such, and why should I? We are
talking about a man that dons a skull cap and campaigns for president of the
United States, by visiting the wailing wall and Yad Vashem, the sacred jew
holocaust shrine. This is a man who went from an absolute NOBODY Senator, to
President of the United States in two years flat. He beat out the first
woman to run for office, and became instead, the first black man to hold
said office.
He’s become the poster boy of “change” for an entire generation of
unwitting minorities across America, empowered by the jew owned media. His
do no wrong, jew media coverage has certainly helped create this man and
sell him to the public, but we’d be silly to think this was an election,
rather than an appointment to office, because America doesn’t have
elections anymore. Obama hails largely from the Chicago area, long known to
be a hive of activity for the jewish mafia and their criminals. This nobody,
who was likely born in Kenya, attended school as CITIZEN of Indonesia HERE.
He failed to produce a birth certificate for the United States that was
even halfway credible, yet rose like a phoenix from the ashes to attend
Harvard and eventually, take the most powerful office in the land; without
even confirming he’s a natural U.S. citizen in an open and honest manner.
obama-change This was even tested in court where, you guessed it, another
jew (Phillip Berg) stepped up to file suit and have Obama removed from the
ballot. Here’s an article about it that exposes what a total farce the
proceedings were here. Thank God for his chosen people always being there to
investigate, litigate, or prosecute crimes of their brethren! Man, if they
didn’t handle all sides of everything for us, what would we do? I mean, we
might actually end up convicting one or two, then where would we be? That
silly old fable about gas chambers and ovens would be replaced by a real
historic legacy of electric chairs and lethal injection! I mean, how would
we deal with a foreigner sneaking into the most powerful office in our
government? Something about pitch forks and torches?
I can point out a thousand times Obama wearing his yarmulke, or that his
staff is entirely jewish (Emanuel, Summers, Axelrod, Clinton). Or that every
appointment Obama made, when taking office, were jews (Paulson, Napolitino
and others). Or that his chief of staff is the son of jewish irgun
terrorists. Or I can point out how he recognizes and celebrates jewish
holidays, like he is going to do now. Obama will be the first president (
thought he was a black dude?) ever to host the jewish passover ritual known
as seder at the White House, as can be seen HERE. Not exactly keeping in
trend with someone who’s supposed to be posing as a christian. Or was it
Muslim? No…it’s jew. This is the same holiday Abraham Lincoln was
assassinated during all those years ago. Barack Obama, the non-jew, also
goes out of his way to bless everyone with his warmest Hannukah greetings,
HERE, in 2007. I wonder why Obama was silent during 2008′s Hannukah
celebration that included depleted uranium, DIME weapons, and the massive
civillian massacre in Gaza? Surely he would have cheerfully considered that
one a hoot!
obama-yad-vashemYou could look at it a number of ways. Is Barack Obama
jewish by his blooline? Is Barack Obama jewish by his deeds? Please note, we
ARE going to hold ANYONE’s feet to the fire who is jewish by their deeds,
or helping this criminal network. Criminals of all stripes will be dealth
with, and there will be no saving grace for them. That out of the way, I
would say Obama is a little of both. Obama clearly shows by his deeds he is
more jewish than many white skinned jews. Barack Obama claims Jewish “
kinship” HERE stating clearly, “There is a kinship and a sense of shared
community that predates my political career and will extend beyond this
particular election,” Obama said, according to the pool report from the
closed-door event. “Know that I will be there for you, just as I believe
that you will be there for me.” Stressing the point, he added: “My links
to the Jewish community are not political. They preceded my entry into
politics.” We’d be silly to think they didn’t, Hussein Obama.
Here we can see the Huffington Post names Obama “The First Jewish
Presidential Nominee” in this article, where they attempt to pretend there
was some sort of divide between democratic and repulican jews. (yeah right)
Yet, in the same breath they’re telling us Obama got 77% of the jewish vote
in exit poles. “Despite the tense rift between Republican and Democratic
Jews over the course of the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, exit polls on
Tuesday showed that Barack Obama received about 77 percent of the Jewish
vote. These numbers were higher even than the 2004 election, when Democratic
candidate John Kerry received 74 percent of the Jewish vote. Al Gore
received the highest percentage of Jewish votes in 2000, with 79 percent.”
Some “tense rift” that is. Judging by their own words Obama did far better
than many before him. Quite amazing for what jews would call a “schwartzer
”. (derogatory jew term for black people)
secret_relationship_between_blacks_and_jewsFound at the same link, “[Obama]
said that there was nothing in his own background that shows anything but a
love of country and an understanding of the importance of the relationship
between blacks and Jews.” For those who want to know more about the
relationship between blacks and jews Obama must surely be referring to, can
read the book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, which
thoroughly outlines jewish involvement in the African slave trade. Then you
can ask this clown, Obama, what he really has to say about this “
relationship”. I’d say the biggest relationship between blacks and jews
was between the end of the jew’s whips, and the backs of many black man’s
hides. There was a relationship between the jew slave ships and the 90-100
million African slaves killed by them. Gotta love Obama sticking up for
blacks when it comes to the jews he surrounds himself with. Now, why were
the minorities supporting him again?
There is more to Obama still though. Like Obama’s jewish soul, for instance
. Quite odd jews would say he has the soul of a jew, speaking so fondly of a
schwartzer, as can be seen HERE. Have a look at this cast of hook nosed,
evil eyed, monstrosities that “made” Obama what he is today, HERE. These
jews are awful fond of this nobody from Kenya. Which should be more than
enough reason to give one pause, but read on.
When asking ourselves this question, about Obama’s jewishness, it becomes
rather obvious that we have quite an extensive myriad of things that point
to Obama being a jew. For a while there was fleeting evidence that Obama’s
mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was a jewess, born to jewish parents. This is
quite likely, judging by his rise to fame, but solid evidence relating to
this has become nearly impossible to find as of late. However, there are
some key factors pointing to Obama’s jewishness that have been made public.
For one, his grandmother was vice president of a bank as can be seen HERE.
Although not proof in itself, it’s probably more than coincidental his
family can be tied to the jew bankers before his arrival. The link is to a
family tree of Obama’s, but how accurate is it, and what information is
missing? How did they slip this jew Obama in, without any information about
his jewishness coming out in the public spotlight? Gee, maybe by being the
source of information pertaining to his entire family blood line? Why so
concerned that they needed to publish his bloodline? Maybe the forces at
work wanted to ensure nobody uncovered his jewish roots.
Well, let’s look at some other clues. First and foremost, look who else
Obama is related to at this link HERE where it outlines this:
“Obama is also related to other politicians, such as Vice President
Dick Cheney, British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and Civil War
General Robert E. Lee. The vice president’s wife, Lynne Cheney, announced
her discovery while discussing her new book, Blue Skies, No Fences, on MSNBC.
When asked if she would support Hillary Rodham Clinton because she is a
woman, Lynne Cheney said, “I have to admit to a certain bias here … Dick
and Barack Obama are eighth cousins.”
Obama’s distant presidential cousins include President George W. Bush
and his father, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S.
Truman and James Madison.
Considering the Bush family is a bunch of jews, Churchill was a jew, the
Cheney family are jews, I’d have to say Obama is likely of jewish stock
also, but that’s not all. They have actually let it slip that there is
jewishness in Obama’s family. Obama’s wife, Michelle, is related to the
head rabbi of Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation, Capers
Funnye, which can be found easily at jewpedia.
Again though, this is not the only thing that has been let slip. So far,
many believe there is no real connection to Obama and the jews, because most
of it is well hidden. As has always been my belief, I think these things
are hidden in plain sight. Almost as if it’s some sort of ritualistic
behavior that they must make the truth public, but they don’t have to
ensure you see it. A good look at their historical behaviors shows this to
be mostly true, but forget that for now…What about Obama? Well, it turns
out, there is a link to Obama’s jewish side right HERE. Here are the
important parts below. (emphasis added)
Immigration records show that Sen. Barack Obama’s grandfather, Baruch
Heshy Obramowitz, was an Ethiopian “Falasha” Jew, who changed his surname
when he moved to Kenya. The revelation has set off rumors that the
presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is a secret Jew.
An e-mail sent to Muslim voters, from a group called The Truth About
Jewbama, claims that while growing up in Hawaii, the future senator attended
a radical Jewish school, called a “Yeshiva.” The e-mail also says that
his campaign has several Jewish advisers, including Woody Allen.
“I heard that at Harvard he was a member of Hillel,” the caller said,
repeating a much-circulated rumor that the senator once belonged to the
Jewish student campus organization. Other callers railed against the
presumptive Democratic presidential nominee for his pro-Israel voting record
and his reported fondness for gifelte fish.
US-ELECTIONS-OBAMASo, as you can see, Obama is indeed a jew. He surrounds
himself with jews. He worships like a jew. He “mourns” like a jew at Yad
Vashem, he has had jews all through his career boosting him from one plateau
to another. We can find clues of his jewish behavior all around him.
Including tonight’s Seder (jew) celebration at the White House, the first
of it’s kind. With Bush, we had the first ever Menorah at the White House,
and keeping with the tradition of jewish domination, Obama now has his first
jew celebration. We can look at how Obama has moved quickly to implement
socialist policies, and provide HUGE paydays for the jew bankers he works
for, or how he licked the feet of the people at AIPAC during his campaign.
Either way, it should now be glaringly obvious that Obama is a jew, judging
by both his actions, and his family line. Although some may still have their
reservations, make no mistake about it. Obama serves the jew. Obama lives
like the jew. Obama surrounds himself with the jew, and Obama observes jew
holidays. Face it. Obama is a jew.
Big thanks to The Jew List for helping uncover some of these connections.
Rest assured, there will be more to come as time moves forward.
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应该问:is obama's boss jewish?
barack hussein obama (巴拉客 侯塞音 奥8马) 幼年到青少年时是穆斯林,成年后
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非也, obama父亲是穆斯林, 母亲这边确实犹太系的,他实际上穆斯林和犹太杂合体
Obama's Jewish "Irish" Grandfather
October 7, 2009
(Baruch Obama's grandfather, Stanley "Dunham")
Visiting Ireland, Obama jokes about restoring the hyphen in O'bama.
Wikipedia waxes about his grandfather's "Irish" antecedents but my Jew-dar
isn't buying it.
by Henry Makow, Ph.D.
(Originally Posted in Oct. 2007)
If you Google "America's First Jewish President," you'll find links to many
Jewish publications "kvelling" (yiddish for boasting) about how Barack
Obama was sponsored by Jews and is "one of us."
This may be literally true. I suspect his mother's father Stanley "Dunham"
was Jewish. Obama's mother "Stanley Anne Dunham" certainly looked and acted
like a Communist Jew. (My first mother-in-law was one.)
As we have seen, the modus operandi of the Satanic Sabbatean Frankist cult (
Illuminati) is to intermarry and impersonate all other religions, ideologies
and nationalities. Reinhard Heydrich's grandfather was Jewish. Hitler's
grandfather was Jewish. Churchill's mother was half-Jewish. Sonya
Sottomayer parades as a "Latina" but her mother was Jewish. It wasn't just
Jewish actors in Hollywood who changed their name and their persona.
The object is power. By controlling all sides, the Illuminati create
divisions, chaos and war. Ultimately, their aim is to destroy Western
civilization and bring about the New (Communist, some say Jewish) World
Order. Yet paradoxically, they plot to exterminate Jews who don't subscribe
to their agenda.
To call Barack Obama "America's First Jewish President" is disingenuous.
Many other presidents are rumored to have had Jewish blood: Theodore
Roosevelt, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson and the Bushes to name a few. So
it's not surprising to read in Wikipedia that, Stanley Dunham, a lowly
furniture salesman from Kansas was related to six US Presidents.
"Stanley Armour Dunham's distant cousins include six US presidents: James
Madison, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush and
George W. Bush. Through a common ancestor, Mareen Duvall, ...Stanley Dunham
is related to former Vice-President Dick Cheney (an eighth cousin once
removed). Through another common ancestor, Hans Gutknecht, ...Stanley Dunham
is President Harry S. Truman's fourth cousin, twice removed."
In contrast to her husband, non-Jew Madelyn Payne Dunham is not related to
any President. Wikipedia waxes on about Stanley's "Irish" antecedents but my
Jew-dar isn't buying it.
Other clues. Stanley's mother Ruth ( a common Jewish name) Lucille Armour
committed suicide when Stanley was eight-years-old. His father abandoned him
and his brother to their grandparents. What would cause a mother of two
boys to commit suicide? The Illuminati are generational satanists. They
engage in a lot of depraved activities.
As a furniture salesman, Stanley was described as "gregarious, friendly,
impetuous, challenging and loud...could charm the legs off a couch."
dunhams-2.jpgStanley Dunham and his wife Madelyn (not Jewish) raised Barack
from age 10 in Honolulu in the 1970's. Although Madelyn didn't have a
university degree, she became Vice-President of a bank. Madelyn and Stanley
are described as "Methodists." But Barack was raised as a "Unitarian" which
like Freemasonry and Judaism, doesn't require members to believe in God. It
is yet another stalking horse for the NWO.
Obama's mother, "Stanley Anne", became a Communist and fought the "
Establishment," not realizing the Communists ARE the Establishment. She
allowed a Communist degenerate Frank Davis to take pornographic pictures of
her, which are on the Internet. (Google Images) Davis boasted of bedding
white women and some believe Davis is Obama's real father. Certainly Barack
Obama Sr. didn't waste any time abandoning mother and son.
"Stanley Anne" was an "idealistic" part-Jewish woman who got her Ph.D. and
worked for Timothy Geitner's father in Indonesia at the elite Ford
Foundation. Some suspect she did double time for the CIA.
My interest in Obama's antecedents was piqued by Texe Marr's new DVD about
Barack Obama called "Rothschild's Choice." Packing the punch of an old
fashioned sermon, this DVD demonstrates convincingly that Barack Obama's
role is to roll America into a Jew World Order. Anyone wishing to understand
"anti-Semitism" need go no further than this video which I recommend to
Jews and non-Jews alike. It's a disgrace that America has produced only a
handful of courageous and effective defenders like Texe Marrs.
Although Jews make up no more than 2.5 % of the US population, Marrs shows
how Jews (and Israel) dominate business and government, not to mention
entertainment to the detriment of Americans. The recent credit crisis is
portrayed as outright theft from the US taxpayer by Jewish bankers. Although
I considered myself well versed on the subject, the video contained a lot
of new information. For example, I wasn't aware that the whole American
Black leadership are Prince Hall Masons like Barack Obama, and therefore
instruments of the Illuminati Jewish bankers.
The list includes NY Governor David Paterson, Jesse Jackson, Eldridge
Cleaver, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Andrew Young, Julian Bond, Kweisi
Mfume and entertainers like Count Basie and Nat King Cole.
This is just an indication of how the Illuminati Bankers have used
Freemasonry to infiltrate and control virtually everything. Yet you don't
hear Texe Marrs fulminating against Freemasons or Blacks. He makes passing
criticism of Christian pastors who are traitors. But the viewer comes away
hating all Jews regardless of whether they play an active, passive or no
role whatsoever.
The Illuminati Jews are not Jews. They are Satanists who breed with
generational Satanists from other backgrounds and impersonate every race
religion or nationality. Obama is a "Christian," a "Muslim" and even a Jew.
He is an Indonesian, Kenyan and an American. He is Black and White. He is a
perfect leader for a new world bereft of race, nation and religion. In fact,
he represents an alien Satanic force, the Illuminati, intent on gradually
enslaving mankind.
The Illuminati have usurped the leadership of Jews in the same way as they
have usurped the leadership of Blacks, Christians, Americans and Europeans
in general. We are all equally culpable.
Jews who want no part of the Jew World Order must distinguish themselves
from the Illuminati Jews and their Masonic lackeys. Texe Marrs should also
make this distinction. He is playing into the hands of the Illuminati
bankers who want to polarize America and divert anger against innocent Jews
and away from themselves and their factotums.
At the same time, Jews have been willfully indifferent to the rising tide of
anti-Semitism and the legitimate reasons for it. Those I know want no part
in world domination but are too busy with their personal lives to
investigate. Unless they join the battle against the subversion of Western
civilization, people will assume they are part of it. While the Canadian
Jewish Congress tried to silence me, I have had little to no response from
ordinary Jews. Perhaps they think they can keep their heads down and
benefit from the evil dispensation that has descended upon us.
grandfather.jpg 'CHANGING THE WORLD'
It is a tragedy that mankind's collective and idealistic impulses have been
co-opted by the Illuminati bankers and used to increase their power and
wealth. "Equality" and "social justice" are ruses to cover their real
agenda: the reduction of the human race to the status of worker-consumer
drones. Now, they are taking our racial, religious, national and gender
identity. Eventually they will take our freedom and property. Perhaps then,
too late, we'll get the message. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are
genuine. (But they don't represent ordinary Jews.)
Marrs shows how the mass media has given Obama the aura of an anti-Christ.
He is the instrument for a major historical transformation. The Illuminati
is putting humanity into a permanent trance.
"Reform," "Progress" "Changing the World" all mirror Lucifer's rebellion
against God and the salutary natural and spiritual order of the universe.
They are constructing an alternate reality which turns truth and justice on
their head. Increasingly, the real world resembles the surreal sexual,
trivial, violent world portrayed on TV and in Hollywood movies. They are
writing the script, and the epitaph for civilization.
Pam Schuffert --- Sabbatean Satanism Rampant in US Jewish Communities
Makow - Were Illuminati Jews Responsible for Holocaust?
------------"NWO--Front for Cabalist Zionist Tyranny"
Related- Obama's Grandfather Worked for the CIA

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: 应该问:is obama's boss jewish?
: barack hussein obama (巴拉客 侯塞音 奥8马) 幼年到青少年时是穆斯林,成年后
: 自称皈依了基督教,没有任何迹象是jewish

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Barack is a Jewish name.

【在 H*********S 的大作中提到】
: 应该问:is obama's boss jewish?
: barack hussein obama (巴拉客 侯塞音 奥8马) 幼年到青少年时是穆斯林,成年后
: 自称皈依了基督教,没有任何迹象是jewish

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really? link?

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: Barack is a Jewish name.
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Barak, Hebrew for "lightning".

Note: Names derived from Barak in the Book of Judges and from the name "
Mubarak" may be spelled the same or nearly the same. In most cases, if a
person is Israeli or Jewish, the name comes from Barak in the Book of Judges
, but if the person is named for a person whose religion was Islam, then the
name originally came from "Mubarak". There may be exceptions.

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: Barack is a Jewish name.
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Doors of Ivy League Wide Open for Jewish Students (link)白人愤怒了, 明明是犹太人的种族偏见
Jewish students super-dominated in enrollment in...(link)才明白为什么OB能从大银行募集十亿多的竞选经费
英国贵族已经被同化了和奥巴马一样,小布什也有很强的犹太教联系 so called Rothschild Agent
Nice piece of article about the jews (转载)世界上最高等的民族都是纯种基因的民族吗?
话题: obama话题: jewish话题: jew话题: jews话题: he