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Military版 - 取消diversity疼笑就是prep school的天下
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很久以前大腾招生根本不看SAT,ACT只对GPA烂的学生才要求。 疼笑看中拉丁语希腊语
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学拉丁语还是很有用处,相当于中国人学古文。 英语国家文化根底太浅,不学经典大

【在 l****e 的大作中提到】
: 泄露天机
: 拉丁语希腊语又要烂大街了

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中国人学古文比白人学拉丁文容易多了 因为古文和母语就隔了张纸 中国人高中毕业就

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: 学拉丁语还是很有用处,相当于中国人学古文。 英语国家文化根底太浅,不学经典大
: 学毕业差不多依然文盲。

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发帖数: 5309
强烈推荐爬藤虎妈出血送娃上prep school。尤其是全美排名前十的学校,校友尽是政
The 10 Most Legendary Prep Schools in America
While many students set their sights on top colleges by toiling away at
public schools, a select few are able to afford the luxury of studying at
highly exclusive prep schools. Many of these schools were established as
feeders for renowned universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, and are
designed with the express goal of high-level college in mind. Often, the
students at these schools are the sons and daughters of government figures,
celebrities, business magnates, and even royalty. Many go on to fill these
types of roles themselves. Naturally, there is a major air of prestige,
history, and even legendary status when it comes to these schools. We’ve
highlighted 10 of the most legendary of college prep schools, full of
history, famous alumni, and even a few interesting stories.
Founded in 1781 as a feeder school to Harvard University, Phillips Exeter
Academy is considered to be one of the most prestigious prep schools in
existence. Exeter has, hands down, one of the largest endowments of any U.S.
prep school at $1 billion. The school boasts the largest secondary school
library in the world with 160,000 volumes on nine levels and is recognized
as one of the Masterworks of Modern American Architecture. Alumni of Exeter
include U.S. Presidents, Secretaries of State, members of Congress, Attorney
Generals, notable writers, business figures, and celebrated artists,
including Mark Zuckerberg, John Irving, Gore Vidal, and members of the
Rockefeller family.
Commonly referred to as Andover, Phillips Academy was founded by Samuel
Phillips Jr., the nephew of Phillips Exeter founder John Phillips. Andover
was established just three years prior to Exeter, and the two schools have
enjoyed an intense rivalry from the beginning. The academy established a
pedigree of excellence early on: Paul Revere himself designed the school’s
seal, and upon visiting the campus, George Washington was so impressed that
he encouraged his nephews to attend (and they did). The school’s articles
of incorporation boast the signature of John Hancock. The Andover campus is
home to not one, but two museums featuring major works; The Addison Gallery
of American Art boasts more than 16,000 works in all media, and the Robert S
. Peabody Museum of Archaeology is one of the foremost Native American
archaeological collections. Andover has educated two American Presidents —
both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush — as well as inventor Sam Morse
and actor Humphrey Bogart (who was expelled). Graduates of Andover typically
matriculate to top-tier colleges including Yale, Stanford, Harvard, and
Columbia, as the school was originally set up to send its students to Yale.
Like Yale, Andover has secret societies, although officially, they were
terminated in the 1940s.
Considered to be one of, if not the, best college prep schools in the U.S.,
Trinity School is renowned for its excellent academic reputation. It is the
oldest continually operated school in New York City, and the fifth oldest in
the U.S. Trinity has traditionally educated its students for Columbia
University, and still does, but students go on to other exclusive colleges,
including the Ivy League, MIT, and Stanford, with Trinity boasting an
incredible 41% matriculation rate to those schools. Notable Trinity School
alumni include Truman Capote, Ivanka Trump, and Oliver Stone.
This private boarding school in New Hampshire is among the most selective
college preparatory schools in the U.S. Serving just 533 students on its 2,
000-acre campus, St. Paul’s attracts pupils from all over the world.
Students study six days a week, with half days on Wednesdays and Saturdays
to allow for athletics. St. Paul’s has several time-honored traditions and
special holidays unique to the campus, including concerts with legendary
bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish. The history of St. Paul’s is full
of interesting stories, including the claim that the first hockey game in
the U.S. was played on St. Paul’s ponds in 1883. Senator John Kerry, FBI
Director Robert Mueller, John Jacob Astor IV, Michael Kennedy, and William
Randolph Hearst are among St. Paul’s most notable alumni.
Milton has long been recognized for its prestigious educational values,
producing graduates that go on to do great things. Alumni include several
members of Congress, Medal of Honor recipients, and Nobel Laureates.
Historically, Milton has been a feeder school for Harvard University. Some
of the incredible amenities found on Milton’s campus include the Ruth King
Theater (a gift of novelist Stephen King) and the Ayer Observatory which is
home to a dome refractor. Both Robert F. and Ted Kennedy were educated here,
as well as Nobel Prize-winner T.S. Eliot, current Governor of Massachusetts
Deval Patrick, and former U.S. Attorney General Elliot Richardson.
Founded by Samuel Finley, a former president of Princeton, West Nottingham
Academy is the oldest boarding school in the United States. The academy has
educated many prominent colonial Americans, including two signers of the
Declaration of Independence: Benjamin Rush and Richard Stockton, as well as
John Filson, the founder of Cincinnati, Ohio. The campus is on the U.S.
National Register of Historic Places, and many of the buildings are
considered to be historic pieces of architecture. West Nottingham’s small
athletics community has risen to prominence, boasting a successful figure
skating program with Olympic athletes.
Founded in 1787, Deerfield is among the oldest prep schools in the U.S., and
is rumored to attract some of the most prestigious students, including
European royalty. Even early on, Deerfield produced influential alumni that
became the governors and congressmen of New England. Deerfield graduates
include Medal of Honor recipient Rufus Saxton, Thomas Keating, gold medalist
Allen Stack, members of the Rockefeller family, and Matthew Fox. Many
Deerfield students go on to study at top-tier schools. Impressively, the
academy is home to its very own printing press, Deerfield Academy Press,
which publishes the work of student and faculty members.
Deerfield’s fierce rival, Choate Rosemary Hall, stands up to its reputation
with an incredible history of excellence, with many students regularly
participating in high-level academic, scientific, and artistic competitions
like the American Mathematics Competitions and performances at St. Peter’s
Basilica in Rome. The campus is home to many historic sites, including the
1774 homestead with a secret passage that may have been a part of the
Underground Railroad. Some of Choate’s most famous alumni include President
John F. Kennedy, Edward Albee, Jamie Lee Curtis, Glenn Close, and Nicholas
Horace Mann is continually ranked as one of the best prep schools in the
country, with a highly selective admissions process and a high rate of
admissions to the most exclusive colleges including Harvard, Yale, and
Princeton. The school was founded as an experimental unit of the Teachers
College at Columbia University, so naturally, Horace Mann graduates often
matriculate to Columbia as well. Located in the Bronx neighborhood of New
York City, students are able to study in the school’s 100-acre nature
laboratory in Connecticut for a week at a time. Horace Mann has graduated
several notable alumni, including former U.S. Attorney General William Barr,
Jack Kerouac, William Carlos Williams, and Pulitzer Prizewinners Robert
Caro and Elliott Carter.
Considered the sister school of several prep schools including the
Collegiate School, Spence, and Chapin School, Brearley is one of the most
prominent all-girls private schools in the U.S. Top college destinations for
Brearley graduates include Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Williams
College, and Johns Hopkins University. Brearley boasts many famous women as
their graduates, including Caroline Kennedy, silver medalist Emily Cross,
and Kyra Sedgwick.
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