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来自主题: Military版 - Native Americans in the United States
Native Americans in the United States
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"American Indian" redirects here. For other indigenous peoples, see
Indigenous peoples of the Americas and other geographic regions. For
Americans from South Asia, see Indian American.
This article may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Please
consider splitting content into sub-articles and/or condensing it. (January
2... 阅读全帖
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CNN)More than 90% of the US population is currently under a stay-at-home or
shelter-in-place order as the coronavirus pandemic continues to upend life
as we know it. But worries for the economy -- and people's mental health --
are raising the question: When will things go back to normal?
President Donald Trump has indicated many states can reopen by May 1, and on
Thursday shared federal guidelines for restarting the economy with
Across the country, governors have been forming pacts. T... 阅读全帖
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State education agencies—often dismissed as poorly organized and thinly
staffed clearinghouses—are about to get a big infusion of responsibility
and authority with the recent passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act.
But it remains to be seen if those departments, most of which were hollowed
out by staff and budget cuts during the recession, are up to the job.
Under ESSA, the long-delayed revision of the Elementary and Secondary
Education Act, state departments will be charged with more of the ... 阅读全帖
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By George Scaggs
Across the nation, as states struggle fiscally, Republican-led legislatures
are reining in spending to balance state budgets. What a refreshing sight
to behold: government actually spending less today than it did yesterday,
eliminating government programs, and reducing the number of public-sector
workers where necessary.
A complete contrast to the way in which government works at the federal
level, such measures are foreign to many Americans. We are conditioned to
the standard... 阅读全帖
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By Herbert W. Titus and William J. Olson
On April 25, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument in Arizona v.
United States, involving the constitutionality of the State's effort to
combat illegal immigration. In one sense, it was a rematch between former
Solicitor General Paul Clement, arguing for Arizona, and the current
Solicitor General, Donald Verrilli, contending for the United States. The
two had squared off just a month before in United States v. Florida, the
battle royale over ... 阅读全帖
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Poll: Even People in Illinois Say Illinois Worst State to Live In
April 25, 2014
Now, usually when a state is dissed it is dissed by people from outside the
state. With the usual hometown bravado, and all, denizens of a state used to
stick up for their own in the face of criticism. But a new poll finds that
Illinois is so bad, even people that live there say it sucks.
America is a land of polls, for sure, but this poll is a particularly
telling one. The Gallup polling firm asked residents of the... 阅读全帖
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标 题: Poll: Even People in Illinois Say Illinois Worst State to Live In
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Wed Apr 30 17:29:10 2014, 美东)
Poll: Even People in Illinois Say Illinois Worst State to Live In
April 25, 2014
Now, usually when a state is dissed it is dissed by people from outside the
state. With the usual hometown bravado, and all, denizens of a state used to
stick up for their own in the face of criticism. But a new poll finds that
Illinois is so bad... 阅读全帖
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HOUSTON — States dependent on oil and gas revenue are bracing for layoffs,
slashing agency budgets and growing increasingly anxious about the ripple
effect that falling oil prices may have on their local economies.
The concerns are cutting across traditional oil states like Texas, Louisiana
, Oklahoma and Alaska as well as those like North Dakota that are benefiting
from the nation’s latest energy boom.
Here in Houston, which proudl... 阅读全帖
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Right-To-Work states can be indentified on the map below. Ironically, the
states labeled as “blue” are predominantly “red” states during election
season. 42 Right-To-Work bills are pending in 24 other states, according to
the National Conference of State Legislatures.
Right-To-Work is a foundation that was established to protect the civil
rights of employees while eliminating forced unionism. Right-To-Work is not
so much “anti-union” but rather anti-forced unionism. The laws give
employees the ... 阅读全帖

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来自主题: Colorado版 - Colorado State University 怎么样?
US News)发布的大学排名,即USNews排名。
Graduation and retention rates 毕业率和新生返校率:22.5%
Undergraduate academic reputation 本科学术声誉:22.5 %
Faculty resources师资力量 :20%
Student selectivity 新生水平:12.5 %
Financial resources经济实力:10 %
Graduation rate performance毕业率表现:7.5%
Alumni giving rate校友捐赠:5%
世界排名 学校名称 学校英文名
1 哈佛大学 Harvard University
2 麻省理工学院 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3 斯坦福大学 Stanfor... 阅读全帖
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The 10 Worst States for Property Taxes
U.S. property taxes can vary dramatically by county as well as by state.
Since property valuation is complex and highly changeable with the market,
value is not necessarily equal to cost or price. Depending on state law,
property assessments are done anywhere from once per year to every five
years. Then the value assessment of a home is multiplied by the local tax
rate, or millage rate, to find the property tax amount owed by the homeowner
. In states or co... 阅读全帖
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Every year I'm motivated to post this info as the "deals" start to roll out
for tax software, and people start scrounging for versions which include the
state tax filing, etc.
You may have seen me post this before - if so, this is just a reminder. I'
ve tried to check for broken links, and think I got them all up to date.
Most state sites don't go live until January 17th, so you may need to be
States with free e-file for all required to file:
https://www.ftb.ca.gov/individuals/ef... 阅读全帖
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Democrat-run states hike spending 400% faster than GOP states
By Paul Bedard | May 21, 2014 | 12:00 am
States led by a Democratic governor and legislature increased spending over
400 percent faster than those under Republican control, according to a new
report from a leading taxpayer watchdog group.
Americans for Tax Reform, most known for pushing candidates to sign an anti-
tax pledge, found that the 13 states run by Democrats raised spending 5.55
percent over 2011-2013. In the 24 states where ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: SanFrancisco版 - Top 10 States People Are Fleeing (ZZ)
New York, Illinois and Louisiana are expected to lose more residents than
they gain this year.
By Jenna Goudreau, Forbes.com
Dec 8, 2010
"We're seeing one of the lowest mobility rates in a century," says Nathaniel
Karp, chief economist for banking firm BBVA Compass. Karp says the
recession has forced many... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Military版 - Penn State is now a toast
PSU现在挣得另一个别名为Pedophile State University
Penn State could pay $100 million in civil damages to Sandusky's victims and
lose public funding
23 hours ago
Penn State supporters likely felt the university hit rock bottom Thursday
with the release of the Freeh Report, with its damning litany of evidence
that school leaders ignored and concealed horrific crimes against children.
But the cost to Penn State could be more severe than anyone im... 阅读全帖
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If you could live in any state in America, where would you go? During
troubled times like these, what is the best place in the United States to
live? A lot of people are asking these kinds of questions these days. Our
economy is on the verge of collapse, natural disasters are becoming more
frequent and more intense, the U.S. population is becoming angrier and more
frustrated by the day, our government has become incredibly oppres... 阅读全帖
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Benghazi Report Results In 4 State Department Resignations
By MATTHEW LEE 12/19/12 08:38 PM ET EST
A picture shows the interior of the burnt US consulate building in the
eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on September 13, 2012 following an attack on
the building late on September 11 in which the US ambassador to Libya and
three other US nationals were killed. Libya said it has made arrests and
opened a probe into the atta... 阅读全帖
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A federal judge in Boston has ruled unconstitutional the portion of the
Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that limits federal benefits to straight
couples even in states that recognize gay marriage. This is just the first
inning in a long game that will eventually end up in the Supreme Court. The
decision there will depend on whether the conservatives really believe in
states' rights.
For almost 20 years, one of the pivotal debates on ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: talk版 - Penn State is now a toast
PSU现在挣得另一个别名为Pedophile State University
Penn State could pay $100 million in civil damages to Sandusky's victims and
lose public funding
23 hours ago
Penn State supporters likely felt the university hit rock bottom Thursday
with the release of the Freeh Report, with its damning litany of evidence
that school leaders ignored and concealed horrific crimes against children.
But the cost to Penn State could be more severe than anyone im... 阅读全帖
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WASHINGTON — In a major surprise on the politically charged new health care
law, the Obama administration said Friday that it would not define a single
uniform set of “essential health benefits” that must be provided by
insurers for tens of millions of Americans. Instead, it will allow each
state to specify the benefits within broad categories.
The move would allow significant variations in benefits from state to state,
much like the current differences in state Medicaid programs ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: USANews版 - Obama-Romney race is focused on 7 states
By THOMAS BEAUMONT, Associated Press
August 26, 2012
TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — On the eve of their national party conventions, Barack
Obama and Mitt Romney are locked in a close race to amass the requisite 270
Electoral College votes for victory. And the contest is exactly where it was
at the start of the long, volatile summer: focused on seven states that are
up for grabs.
Neither candidate has a significant advantage in Colorado, Florida, Iowa,
Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire and Virginia, which offer a ... 阅读全帖
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North Dakota to Let Man in Same-Sex Marriage Wed Woman, Too
North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem filed a legal opinion last
week confirming that the state does not recognize out-of-state same-sex
marriages, allowing a man married to another man to come to North Dakota and
marry a woman without divorcing his husband.
While many wildly speculated that the legalization of same-sex marriage
could lead to polygamy, they probably never thought it would be like this.
Presented with a legal hyp... 阅读全帖
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Illinois keeps racking up those plaudits as the worst of the worst states in
the country, this time coming in second of the top states for outward
migration. Illinois has seen more of its citizens fleeing its failing
edifice than every other state but New Jersey.
This list is maintained by one of the nation’s largest moving companies,
United Van Lines and is compiled every year as the company tracks the
migrations statistics of the nation.
“As the nation’s largest household goods mover, United’s... 阅读全帖
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标 题: Illinois Ranks as One of Worst States for Losing Citizens
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Mon Jan 27 19:19:48 2014, 美东)
Illinois keeps racking up those plaudits as the worst of the worst states in
the country, this time coming in second of the top states for outward
migration. Illinois has seen more of its citizens fleeing its failing
edifice than every other state but New Jersey.
This list is maintained by one of the nation’s largest moving companies... 阅读全帖
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Detroit’s Wayne State University targets faculty tenure
By Debra Watson and Khara Sikhan
6 August 2012
The administration at Wayne State University is using the expiration of the
faculty’s three-year contract to fundamentally undermine job protection for
tenured professors at the school. Wayne State, located in Midtown Detroit,
is a major research university along with the... 阅读全帖
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LGBT Americans are fixated on one question surrounding the two historic gay
rights cases that will be argued before the U.S. Supreme Court next week:
Will same-sex marriage be legalized nationwide?
Though there are three basic outcomes possible that would be considered a “
win” for marriage equality, constitutional law scholar Geoffrey Stone felt
assured of this: “I think there’s zero chance of the court doing anything
harmful to th... 阅读全帖
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Published in the New York Post on January 12, 2011
Facing huge budget difficulties, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been
showing other states how to survive -- namely, by taking on the government-
employee unions.
Christie's battles with the teachers unions over the past year have produced
countless YouTube hits. And last month, he got a law passed to limit wage
hikes from labor arbitrations between the state and public-employee unions
to an average 2 percent an... 阅读全帖
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(Updates with statement by Iowa attorney general starting in ninth paragraph
Oct. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Top legal officers of 49 states opened a joint
investigation into home foreclosures, saying they will probe practices at
banks and mortgage companies.
The states, including Texas, Iowa and New Mexico will conduct a coordinated
inquiry into whether banks and loan servicers used false documents ... 阅读全帖
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A venture capitalist who feels colossal California is too unwieldy to govern
is proposing to split it into six separate states, and Secretary of State
Debra Bowen has given him the green light to start collecting petition
Tim Draper filed a ballot initiative in December stating that because of
recent social and economic changes California has become “nearly
He proposed dividing California into six states. San Diego and Orange County
would make up “South California.” “W... 阅读全帖
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SEATTLE—A proposed income tax on the wealthy in Washington state is
spurring a debate over the region's economic future and dividing some of its
most prominent figures, including Microsoft Corp. chief executive Steve
Ballmer and William Gates Sr., the father of Microsoft chairman Bill Gates.
If Washington voters approve the measure, known as initiative 1098, on
Tuesday, it will be the first income tax in the state. No income-tax-free
state has passed one since the early 1990s.
The proposal calls... 阅读全帖
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A look at the 66 automatic qualifying BCS schools and their football
expenses for the 2008-09 school year by conference, with some analysis on
each league.
Expenses (in millions)
1. Auburn
2. Alabama
3. Tennessee
4. Florida
5. Louisiana State
6. South Carolina
7. Georgia
8. Arkansas
9. Vanderbilt
10. Kentucky
11. Mississippi State
12. Mississippi
My two cents: Despite having the nation's third-lowest f... 阅读全帖
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SEC 前十名就占了五个。
AP Top 25
1 Mississippi State (45) 6-0 1480
2 Florida State (12) 6-0 1415
3 Ole Miss (3) 6-0 1413
4 Baylor 6-0 1317
5 Notre Dame 6-0 1228
6 Auburn 5-1 1144
7 Alabama 5-1 1068
8 Michigan State 5-1 1015
9 Oregon 5-1 1014
10 Georgia 5-1 981
11 Oklahoma 5-1 935
12 TCU 4-1 917
13 Ohio State 4-1 648
14 Kansas State 4-1 626
15 Oklahoma State 5-1 620
16 Arizona 5-1 590
17 Arizona State 4-1 459
18 East Carolina 5-1 449
19 Nebraska 5-1 402
20 Utah 4-1 305
21 Texas A&M 5-2 ... 阅读全帖
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While a number of states now face serious budget shortfalls, most voters
continue to oppose federal bailout funding to help them out.
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 26%
of Likely U.S. Voters believe the federal government should provide bailout
funding for states with serious financial problems. Fifty-three percent (53
%) oppose individual state bailouts, and another 21% are undecided. (To see
survey question wording, click here.)
Sixty-two percent (62%) ... 阅读全帖
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Universities and Colleges
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Albany State University
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Atlanta Metropolitan College
Augusta State University
Bainbridge College
Clayton College and State University
Coastal College
Columbus State University
Dalton State College
Darton College
East Georgia College
Fort Valley State University
Gainesville College
Georgia College and State University
Georgia Gwinnett College
Georgia Highl... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: SanFrancisco版 - The Tax Me More State - California
The Tax Foundation announced this week that California has the second worst
business tax climate of the 50 states, with only New York more hostile to
employers. Congratulations, but it gets worse. If a pair of ballot measures
pass next week, the Golden State could soon take the tax lead and make even
Albany look like Hong Kong.
Proposition 24 would raise $1.3 billion of new taxes on businesses, while
Proposition 25 would allow the state legislature to pass budgets and tax
increases with a simple... 阅读全帖
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Ohio State coach Jim Tressel was informed that several Buckeyes players were
selling memorabilia more than eight months before the school claims it was
made aware of the scheme, a two-month Yahoo! Sports investigation has found.
Tressel received information that players were selling items to Edward Rife
– the owner of Fine Line Ink Tattoos in Columbus – as early as April 2010,
according to a source. However, neither Ohio State nor the NCAA
investigated the transactions or the players’ relationsh... 阅读全帖
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Ohio State University is potentially facing the most severe NCAA penalties
to its storied football program as punishment for coach Jim Tressel's
failure to disclose his knowledge of violations and use of ineligible
players during this past season.
In a "notice of allegations" given to Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee on
Friday and obtained by The Dispatch, the NCAA accused Tressel of dishonesty
for hiding violations by seven current and former players who sold awards
and equipment to a tattoo-... 阅读全帖
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Kaiwind.com, Oct. 24, 2012 - On April 14, 2006, United States Department of
State spokesman Sean McCormack claimed that, through field investigation,
the United States has found no evidence to support the allegations of Falun
Gong's "organ harvesting".
The article U.S. Finds No Evidence of Alleged Concentration Camp in China
published on April 16, 2006 on Usinfo.state.gov, the website of US
International Information Programs (IIP), said: "U.S. representatives have
found no evidence to support al... 阅读全帖
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3. if I live in state A, work in State B, how to file state tax?
you need to study the instruction book for both states.
generally, you need file with state A as resident
and file with State B as nonresident,
income from State B is subject to B's state tax,
income from everywhere is subject to A's state tax,
state tax you pay state B is a tax credit on your state tax return with A.
However many neighboring states have reciprocal tax agreement,
so you nee... 阅读全帖

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On March 18, the S&P 500 index tumbled 7%, triggering yet another circuit
breaker and a 15-minute trading halt, also as ridiculed by netizens as “
Trump Circuit Breaker”. This was the fourth time that the US stock market
had triggered a circuit breaker since March 9, and the fifth meltdown in the
history of US stocks. As of this writing, the Dow has officially erased all
the gains minted during the Trump presidency.
The Fed’s zero interest rate (ZIRP) and quantitative easing policies have
also f... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: NCAA版 - Ohio State Rose Bowl History
1920 California 28, Ohio State 0
1949 Ohio State 17, California 14
1954 Ohio State 20, Southern California 7
1957 Ohio State 10, Oregon 7
1968 Ohio State 27, Southern California 16
1970 Stanford 27, Ohio State 17
1972 Southern California 42, Ohio State 17
1973 Ohio State 42, Southern California 21
1974 Southern California 18, Ohio State 17
1975 UCLA 23, Ohio State 10
1979 Southern California 17, Ohio State 16
1984 Southern California 20, Ohio State 17
1997 Ohio State 20, Arizona State 17
13 appe
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Ohio State bowl history
2004 Alamo Ohio State 33, Oklahoma State 7
2003 Fiesta Ohio State 35, Kansas State 28
2002 Fiesta Ohio State 31, Miami 24 (2 OT)
2001 Outback South Carolina 31, Ohio State 28
2000 Outback South Carolina 24, Ohio State 7
1998 Sugar Ohio State 24, Texas A&M 14
1997 Sugar Florida State 31, Ohio State 14
1996 Rose Ohio State 20, Arizona State 17
1996 Citrus Tennessee 20, Ohio State
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来自主题: NCAA版 - Ohio State Is Screwed
Ohio State Is Screwed (But You Wouldn’t Know It Based On Media Coverage)
You’re not hearing anything about Ohio State at all from most sports media
which is why I took a break from two top-secret longer form writing projects
to let you know what you need to know about Ohio State and Jim Tressel.
The immediate takeaway is simple — and salty — Ohio State and Jim Tressel
are fucked. (I used screwed in the headline so y’all wouldn’t get busted
at work).
Last n... 阅读全帖
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The NCAA today stunned Ohio State University’s football program by
it from postseason play after the 2012 season, multiple sources told The
The penalty means Ohio State automatically is out of the running for any
bowl, or a Big Ten or national championship next year, just as newly
appointed head coach Urban Meyer is wooing recruits to the Buckeyes.
Athletic Director Gene Smith said previously that while Ohio State has
declared a repeat vi... 阅读全帖
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Less than a week after a New Orleans suburbanite petitioned the White House
to allow Louisiana to secede from the United States, petitions from seven
states have collected enough signatures to trigger a promised review from
the Obama administration.
By 6:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, more than 675,000 digital signatures appeared on
69 separate secession petitions covering all 50 states, according to a
Daily Caller analysis of requests lodg... 阅读全帖
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Remarks of President Barack Obama – State of the Union Address As Delivered
The White House is once again making the full text of the State of the
Union widely available online. The text, as prepared for delivery, is also
available on Medium and Facebook notes, continuing efforts to meet people
where they are and make the speech as accessible as possible. Through these
digital platforms, people can follow along with the speech as they watch in
real time, view charts and infographics on key areas... 阅读全帖
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All of the State Department's senior management officials just resigned
11:40 a.m. ET
Six senior officials in charge of management at the State Department have
departed their posts under the new administration of President Donald Trump,
The Washington Post reports, citing four unnamed State officials. On
Wednesday afternoon, nine-year State veteran Patrick Kennedy, the
undersecretary for management, resigned suddenly, joined by Assistant
Secretary of State for Administration Joyce Anne Barr, Ass... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: USANews版 - States that defy Obamanomics succeed
By Jennifer Rubin
As the wheels come off the Obama campaign bus, it seems that virtually every
day brings news that the president simply has no clue how to restart the
economy. The latest from the Associated Press:
U.S. states expect to collect higher tax revenues in the coming budget
year that combined would top pre-recession levels, according to a survey
released Tuesday. The increase could reduce pressure on states to cut
budgets and lay off workers.
A slowly healing job market and mo... 阅读全帖
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发信人: lczlcz (lcz), 信区: GunsAndGears
标 题: Connecticut Passes Gun Grab While Other States Dig In To Protect 2nd Amendment
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Fri Apr 5 12:41:39 2013, 美东)
Connecticut Passes Gun Grab While Other States Dig In To Protect 2nd
April 5, 2013 by Ben Bullard
The Connecticut Legislature passed its sweeping package of gun control early
Thursday, vastly tightening restrictions on firearms ownership in a State
already regarded by gun control advocates, lo... 阅读全帖
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