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The Bible on the Poor
or, Why God is a liberal
The Bible contains more than 300 verses on the poor, social justice, and God
's deep concern for both. This page contains a wide sample of them, and some
reflections. It's aimed at anyone who takes the Bible seriously.
As you read these passages, you will very likely feel a good deal of
resistance (possibly at first manifesting itself as indifference). American
churches have departed strongly from Biblical values in these areas, and
even created a r... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Military版 - I want your horror, I want your disease
caught in bad romance里的疾病已经不可怕了
Bad Romance
Caught in a bad romance
Caught in a bad romance
Want your bad romance
Want your bad romance
I want your ugly
I want your disease
I want your everything
As long as it's free
I ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Automobile版 - 74 Tips To Extend the Life of Your Car
Care and Maintenance Tips Keep Your Car Running in Top-Notch Condition
We’ve compiled our best expert advice, surprising tricks, and car care tips
to prolong the life of your automobile!
1. Be patient during the break-in period
You’ve bought your dream car and now you want to make it last at long as
possible in top condition. Here are some things to remember as you pull it
out of the dealer’s lot:
During the break-in period, typically the first 1,000 miles (1,600 km), keep
your speed under 55 mp... 阅读全帖
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When we first brought our baby home, we were stricken with terror. Would the
baby suddenly stop breathing? What if she choked? Did the other people on
the road always drive this dangerously?
As the days wore on, the fear ebbed. Okay, we could keep the baby alive. But
what were we supposed to do with her? She stared into space, showing no
particular interest in our efforts to sing or dangle toys in front of her
face. "Look, baby, look at the monkey!" Nope. Just vacant stares, and then
some crying... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Missouri版 - zz Your Love Is My Drug
Maybe I need some rehab,
Or maybe just need some sleep
I've got a sick obsession,
I'm seeing it in my dreams
I'm looking down every alley,
I'm making those desperate calls
Im staying up all night hoping,
Hit my head against the walls
What you've got boy is hard to find
Think about it all about it all the time
I'm all strung up my heart is fried
I just cant get you off my mind
Because your love, your love, your love, is my drug
Your love your love your love
I said your love, your love, your love,... 阅读全帖
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Your friendly beginning runner's guide to .... runner's jargon.
You'll notice we don't have a FAQ here -- that's because we want you to ask
your questions, join in, become part of the community! That said, I am sure
new runners get overwhelmed by phrases we throw around all the time here
with impunity; you probably think we're all speaking some strange language.
To follow along here, ... 阅读全帖
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发信人: Winner2011 (小崔), 信区: GSD
标 题: Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Tue Apr 3 04:55:32 2012, 美东)
Dangerous Foods for Dogs
Who can resist those big brown eyes and cute doggie grin? Can a little
reward from the table really hurt your dog? Well, that depends on what it is
and what's in it. A chip with guacamole can cause your dog some real
problems. In fact, there's a lot of people food your dog should never eat.
And, it's not just because of weight. Some foods ... 阅读全帖
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What’s holding you back most in your career change?
Is it money? Is it time to focus on your shift? How about your mortgage, or
your age, or the fact that nothing excites you any more?
These seem to be an external obstacles; challenges or realities outside
yourself that you just can’t seem to get past.
But what I’ve learned, from my own career change experience and the
experiences of the people I work with every day, is that there’s... 阅读全帖
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Mothers: Beware What You Put on Your and Your Baby's Skin
Many women who breastfeed will apply cream to their breasts without too much
consideration for what's in it. Hopefully, you now will not be one of them.
Studies have actually found that mineral oil paraffins can bioaccumulate in
both fat tissue and human breast milk. According to the authors of one 2008
"Mineral paraffins... 阅读全帖
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The 10 Steps to Make Your Kid A Millionaire
[The 10 Steps to Make Your Kid A Millionaire]
We're spending our children's money. So goes the refrain from people
appalled at the government's deficits. As long as entitlement spending and
tax collections continue on their present course, it's an undeniable truth.
Instead of wringing your hands, do something about it. Make your children
so prosperous that they can withstand the... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Working版 - Thinking about leaving your job?
Thinking about leaving your job? You’re not alone. According to recent
research, 87.2 percent of job seekers want to leave their jobs in 2014.
Regardless of the reasons, this percentage is alarmingly high.
Whether you’re on the fence about your future with the company or committed
to leaving but don’t have a new position lined up yet, the question
becomes: Should I tell my boss?
To help you decide, here are some questions to ask yourself:
Why am I unhappy?
Make a list of the pros and cons about ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: EB23版 - How to Lobby Your Elected Officials
Who to ContactOne flag for many
Your Members of Congress were elected to represent you, so by all means
, let them know what you think. Contacting House and Senate leaders during
the build-up to an important vote can be extremely effective. The President'
s office also keeps track of communications on current issues. You may not
get a personal response, particularly if your e-mail, phone call or letter
is one of hundreds on the same topic, bu... 阅读全帖
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1. Cause a car accident
If you are at fault in an accident, your car insurance premium is likely to
increase. The exact increase, often called a “surcharge,” will depend on
your insurance company. Before you buy car insurance, ask your agent for a
“surcharge schedule” which will reveal how much you’ll be charged in the
event you cause an accident.
Some car insurance companies forgive first-time accidents but require that
you fit certain criteria in order to escape a rate increase. If your
insur... 阅读全帖
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4 to 6 months
At this age, your baby will become a lot more physical, learning how to roll
over and even sit up. She can now hold, handle, and mouth objects, and she'
ll spend a good part of her busy days doing so (meaning extra vigilance is
needed on your part).
Games can get more physical now. Your baby might enjoy knee rides or tickle
games. She's also more responsive to you, making noises and meeting your
Smell the Spice Rack
You're in the kitchen, trying to throw some kind of dinner t... 阅读全帖
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YOU OWN YOUR SPACE: Tips from a former bike courier on staying alive as a
Toronto cyclist
On this particular afternoon, it’s really easy to vicariously relate
ourselves (or our loved ones) to the woman who was crushed to death on
Dundas West and Sterling earlier today. It’s easy to think, “Wow, that
could have been me instead of her.”
Well, it wasn’t you, and be glad for that. Dwelling on the “could have
beens” is of no help to the victim, her fam... 阅读全帖
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最近刚要给一MM付款忽然发现paypal上钱不够了 从银行转账又要3-5天,忽然发现
Chase刚推出类似paypal的新服务 chase Quick pay, free, instant transfer!
account上直接转,立马到账!又安全,又快捷方便!只要send money或receive money
的一方有chase账户就可以转账,知道对方注册chase quick pay 的Email就可以转账了
“I found it nice to have the money instantly in my checking account, rather
than in some other account (e.g. PayPal) where it would have to be
transferred later.”
Check t... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: WaterWorld版 - Which pocket do you put your wallet in?
Straight Dope Message Board > Main > In My Humble Opinion > Which pocket do
you put your wallet in?
View Full Version : Which pocket do you put your wallet in?
02-20-2006, 12:39 AM
I have always, always kept my wallet in the front, right hand pocket of my
pants (I am male). It seems to me to be simply the most logical place: it is
typically the biggest pocket, allowing the wallet to slide down a bit more,
leaving less chance that it will be pick-pocketed. When you're in a crowded
r... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: pets版 - Brushing Your Cat's Teeth in 5 Steps
Google it, and found one:
Where to begin
Number one, this should be fun for you and your cat. Be upbeat and take
things slowly. Do not overly restrain your cat. Keep sessions short and
positive. Be sure to praise your cat throughout the process. Give yourself a
pat on the back, too! You are doing a great thing for your cat!
First, have your cat get used to you putting things in her mouth. Dip your
finger in tuna water, chicken broth, or other ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Thoughts版 - Give Your Heart A Break
Demi Lovato-Give Your Heart A Break
the day i first met you
you told me you'd never fall in love
now that i get you
i know fear is what it really was
now here we are,so close,
yet so far,havenot past the test
when will you realize
baby i'm not like the rest
don't wanna break your heart
wanna give your heart a break
i know you're scared it's wrong
like you might make a mistake
there's just one life to live
and there's no time to wait,to waste
so let me give your heart a break
give your heart a br... 阅读全帖
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Fulfilling Your Dreams with the
Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
By Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Deepak Chopra is a bestselling author, educator, and holistic health pioneer
who shares his insights in this inspiring article on personal growth.
Read the Chopra Interview

Deepak Chopra photo
There are many aspects to success; material wealth is only one component
. Moreover, success is a journey, not a destination. Material abundance, in
all its expressions, happens to be one of those things that mak... 阅读全帖
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发信人: ironman2015 (1/2 ironman x3), 信区: Running
标 题: How to Run a Sub 3-Hour (or YOUR PR) Ironman Marathon
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Tue Nov 13 16:38:02 2012, 美东)
How to Run a Sub 3-Hour (or YOUR PR) Ironman Marathon
Tips resulting from my Ironman AZ Experience
by Coach Troy Jacobson
What is your personal Mt. Everest? What big goal do you have on your 'bucket
list' that has b... 阅读全帖
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【 以下文字转载自 Running 讨论区 】
发信人: ironman2015 (1/2 ironman x3), 信区: Running
标 题: How to Run a Sub 3-Hour (or YOUR PR) Ironman Marathon
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Tue Nov 13 16:38:02 2012, 美东)
How to Run a Sub 3-Hour (or YOUR PR) Ironman Marathon
Tips resulting from my Ironman AZ Experience
by Coach Troy Jacobson
What is your personal Mt. Everest? What big goal do you have on your 'bucket
list' that has b... 阅读全帖
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aily (节网中) 于 (Fri Jul 23 17:05:25 2010, 美东) 提到:
【 以下文字转载自 Parenting 讨论区 】
发信人: aily (节网中), 信区: Parenting
标 题: What can you do to prepare your child for school?
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Fri Jul 23 17:05:14 2010, 美东)
1 Make reading with your child part of your daily routine.
2 When reading with your child, stop periodically to discuss the content of
the text and pictures. This promotes reading comprehension.
3 After reading a story with your child, immediately ... 阅读全帖
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How to Run a Sub 3-Hour (or YOUR PR) Ironman Marathon
Tips resulting from my Ironman AZ Experience
by Coach Troy Jacobson
What is your personal Mt. Everest? What big goal do you have on your 'bucket
list' that has been looming just slightly out of your reach for many years?
For me, it was running a sub 3 hour Ironman marathon. During a tri career
spanning over 20 years and 15 Ironman races... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: astrology版 - James Blunt - I'll Be Your Man
Too many voices, too many noises
Invisible wires keeping us apart
So many choices, but they're all disappointments
And they only steal me away from you
Climb into our own private bubble
Let's get into all kinds of trouble
Slide over here let your hands feel the way
There's no better method to communicate
Girl stop your talking words just get in the way
I'll be your man
So baby come over from the end of the sofa
I'll be your man, I'll be your man
So many faces, staring at their shoelaces
When all... 阅读全帖
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Write a resume that gets an employer's attention
Posted by: Chad Bauer | Posted at: 12:05 AM | Filed Under: resume templates,
resumes, sample resumes |
Ever submit a resume and wondered why you didn’t even get a call, when you
felt that you were ideal for the job? Ever felt that your resume was buried
in a database and not even getting seen?
Chances are your resume didn’t demonstrate the 3 things an employer looks f
or on a resume. Even in the prescreening process (databases, recruiters and
HR s... 阅读全帖
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10 Things Your Real Estate Broker Will Not Tell You
.1. "Your open house is really a party for me."
Hire a real estate broker to sell your home and one of the first things he'
ll likely suggest is hosting an open house, so potential buyers can casually
check out your property on a weekend afternoon. While open houses are
promoted as a great way of find... 阅读全帖
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How to Have a Winning Credit Score
It's that time of year again - when the discipline of maintaining our New
Year's Resolutions begins to fade. But your credit score doesn't have to.
Check out these helpful tips on how to turn your credit score into a winner.
CreditReport.com™ Members
Not all credit reports contain the same information! Upgrade to your 3-
Bureau Credit Report with 3 Scores and save!
Create a Winning Streak
If you have sparse credit history, one of the best ways to establis... 阅读全帖
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I don't plan to send a lot of e-mails like that below but I thought that
some of these suggestions might be of value. There is one other that was
mentioned locally as related to recent food shopping incidents. Women tend
to put their purse in the car and then unload the food cart into the trunk.
With the car unlocked a their has taken the purse before being noticed in
some cases here. So the advice was to lock the car after putting th... 阅读全帖
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10 to 12 months
Developmentally, your infant has suddenly morphed into an almost-toddler.
Games that allow her to practice gross (not as in "eww, gross!") motor
skills such as standing, pulling up, and climbing are important for her now.
Your baby will also like to work on her fine motor skills by fiddling with
the tag on your shirt or the pages of a book — and your breasts if she's
still nursing.
Rearrange and Re-rearrange
Your baby is figuring out the connections between objects in the world. ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Working版 - 10 Things Your Boss Never Wants to Hear
One of the best ways to ensure your day-to-day work life is pleasant and
your career remains on an upward trajectory is to get -- and stay -- on your
boss' good side. It sounds like a simple thing to do, but you'd be
surprised at the number of employees who can't seem to get it right.
The problem often is that they're unwittingly saying and doing things that
communicate to the boss that they're incompetent, uncooperative or immature
-- qualities no boss likes in an employee.
Don't want to be tha... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: SanFrancisco版 - 35 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You(ZZ)
We asked 17 pilots from across the country to give us straight answers about
maddening safety rules, inexplicable delays, the air and attitudes up there
—and what really happens behind the cockpit door. What they told us will
change the way you fly.
Plus: 13 Things Your Flight Attendant Won't Tell You
What You Don't Want to Know
“I’m constantly under pressure to carry less fuel than I’m comfortable
with. Airlines ar... 阅读全帖
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​Puget Sound Energy Wants to Upgrade Your Old Refrigerator and Clothes
Washer for Free!
Older appliances use far more energy than new efficient models and could be
racking up extra costs on your electric bill each year.
For a limited time in each community in PSE’s service area, we’ll be
rounding up old, inefficient refrigerators and clothes washers and replacing
them with a limited number of ENERGY STAR® qualified models... 阅读全帖
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is fiery self-will in action; pioneering energy; new growth seeking to
The house where your Aries rules is where you will be challenged to grow
and learn; where new things will keep emerging. Here you throw yourself
into physical activity.
is deliberation and determination seeking practical productivity in this
The house where your Taurus rules is where you will be challenged to be
practical and productive. You hang on to the things of this house for
security.... 阅读全帖
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Confirmation Bias
The Misconception: Your opinions are the result of years of rational,
objective analysis.
The Truth: Your opinions are the result of years of paying attention to
information which confirmed what you believed while ignoring information
which challenged your preconceived notions.
Have you ever had a conversation in which some old movie was mentioned,
something like “The Golden Child” or maybe even something more obscure?
You laughed about it, quoted lines from it, wondered what h... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: TrustInJesus版 - Book Review: Your Best Life Now, by Joel Osteen
Book Review: Your Best Life Now, by Joel Osteen
Someone might legitimately raise the question why we are reviewing this book
. After all, the pattern here at 9Marks has been that we review Christian
I suppose we must be branching out now, because Joel Osteen’s Your Best
Life Now is decidedly not one of those. Open the book to any random page,
and you will likely find some mention of God or even a reference to
Scripture. Yet that is just window-dressing.
Your best life no... 阅读全帖
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Finding the perfect resume is like talent scouting for recruiters. There are
so many who want to make it that we can’t look at them all, so we only
look at the fastest and the strongest. Also like talent agents, we don’t
have time to give each one a thorough examination the first time through and
will probably only spend eight seconds looking at the top half of your
resume before we decide if you’ll make the team. So how do you get your
resume to be big, strong, and easily visible to us hiring m... 阅读全帖
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Site is exhasperating-why they have so much oos and still on the site is
beyond me. But I did see some stuff that might be useful and is still in
Free ship no minimum with code PC983N
Some neat tattoo sheets for 50 cents if you scroll down a little bit:
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Erasers 12ct for 50 cents:
http://www.partycity.com/product/mickey mouse clubhouse erasers 12ct.do?sortby=priceAscend&pp=60&size=all&navSet=178582
Micke... 阅读全帖
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穷人一个,没有这么多钱,省得浪费,贡献出来看有没有人要。请PM索取coupon code
Open a Chase SavingsSM account*, deposit a total of $15,000 or more in new
money within 10 business days, and you'll receive $175!
It's easy to get your bonus:
1. Bring this email to your Chase branch in xxxxxxx (我附近的地址,不过
这个应该不是必须的) by February 23, 2014.
2. Talk to a Chase Banker to open your new Chase SavingsSM account and
deposit a total of $15,000 or more in new money within 10 business days.
3. Then we'll deposit $175... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Money版 - Shop Your Way在BurgerKing的$10 Deal
Me:I had purchases at Burger King on June 23 using registered cards. However
, they were all shown as 0 earned points? Especially, a $10 in points wasn't
awarded either. Could you please take a look at it? My member number is
SYW:Thank you for contacting Shop Your Way Rewards regarding your account
Your concern has been reviewed and your account adjusted. Please visit us
at www.shopyourway.com to view your current account information.
We apologize for any... 阅读全帖
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今天收到uscis email。如下,
There has been a recent processing action taken on your case.
Receipt Number: XXXX
Your Case Status: Initial Review
On February 2, 2018, we updated your name for your Form I485, APPLICATION TO
you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing
During... 阅读全帖
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References are often the last step in the screening process before an
employer extends an offer. While every company has a different policy on
references, most still ask for them. What a reference says, or doesn't say,
can sometimes make the difference between getting an offer or not.
How to choose the best job references
Greg Szymanski, director of human resources at Geonerco Management in
Seattle, says that when employers contact references, they're looking to
determine if the candidate is the... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: GunsAndGears版 - (zz) What Your AR Says About You
The Operator
You've either seen action in America’s War on Terror, or you've been
watching movies like the recent Act of Valor. These make you wish you would
have had the cojones to be a Special Forces operative, but thankfully you
don’t have to risk life and limb to have a wicked bad AR outfitted like the
pros. After all this exposure to modern military weapons today, you not
only want ARs, but also real mil-spec equipmen... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: GunsAndGears版 - What To Do If Your Firearm Is Stolen
As discussed in a previous article, part of responsible firearms ownership i
s making every reasonable effort to prevent unauthorized persons from gainin
g access to them. Unfortunately – despite often Herculean efforts by firear
ms owners – the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE)
reports that thousands of firearms are stolen every year. While the goal of
the responsible firearms owner should be for their firearm never to be stol
en, there are steps that must be taken bot... 阅读全帖
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Coming into this year, true bulls were few and far between. The European
debt crisis was in full swing, the U.S. economy was no great shakes itself,
and emerging markets--long considered the engines that would propel global
growth in the future--appeared to be slowing down. After the market posted
meager gains in 2011, many Wall Street analysts were predicting more of the
same in 2012; 16 analysts surveyed at the start of this year pr... 阅读全帖
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The Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes, Part 2: Your top 8 questions
Laszlo BockInfluencer
SVP, People Operations at Google
Jan 26, 2015 168,970Views 1,016Likes 275CommentsShare on
LinkedInShare on FacebookShare on Google PlusShare on Twitter
I was blown away that my first article got over 2 million views. I've always
been passionate about helping people find good jobs. But my advice in "The
Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes" was just a starting point: the basic
stuff we all need to nail... 阅读全帖
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